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About me and the gallery for art, nature and culture

Dalai Lama

My name is Lothar Seifert. It˙s a pleasure to precent you my pictures of impessively and amiable people from Asia as well as the charming impressions of their nature & culture. Thus I would like to wake your sympathies for far fellow man, for understanding among nations and for the love for our wonderful and colourful nature. At the same time the pictures are pass on something on my deep solidarity to nature and the human culture to you. In Asia also the open and friendly nature of humans from Nepal and India completely particularly moves me.
Releases of my work are used for children without means in Kaschmir, Ladakh and Nepal. With the acquisition of the here shown articles you prepare not only you and others a joy also you support needily children, who live in inhospitably area of the Himalaya or as refugees far from their homeland.

Bildung Children
The education and upbringing of children are crucial for a country˙s future. Moreover, children are naturally thirsty for knowledge and must of course make their own way in the world as adults.

Therefore, I support children in need of families with school fees. The only way they can achieve for themselves is a good education. State schools, particularly in remote areas, are not up to the job of providing the quality of education required. Indeed, children from poorer families often have no formal schooling at all; they have to start work at a young age.

If children from poor families go to school, the following will be achieved:
1st - Prevention of very hard child labor
2nd - Little girls will not be sold to slave traders. This childrens were brought to India, where they will be raped and tortured. They have to work as prostitutes in brothels. These girls are physically and mentally destroyed.
3rd - Alcoholism is limited. Boys who do not go into a school, often become an alcoholic then they are an adult men.

children˙s parties
Donate are gladly welcome for preparing child-parties, for warm clothes and the distribution of food. Health insurance companies, pharmacies, the Deutsche Post or a car dealership have so far taken part. Also the buyer of the postcards and calendars have a bi portion of the success. (Each donor receives for itself or his company an search engine-optimized advertisement in the Internet.) Thanks also to the aides from India, Ladakh and Nepal. They organized cildren- partys and the distribution of children clothes.

Invitation Kashmir
Very valuable to me were also the meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, and the invitation of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Indian state of Kashmir and Yammu, Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora. He gave me in the "Paradise on earth" or as it is called "In the land where God lives" a shelter and a jeep with driver available. The picture shows the author with State Secretary Ms. Tanveer Jehan.

The girl Renu from a jungle village abruptly told me you are my father now too. (Although it already has one father). She wanted to study in Australia.

Girl Boy
These are Iram and Shayan from Kashmir. The only heating in the cold winter is a little grim, filled with glowing charcoal kettle that is worn on the abdomen. Many of them are getting skin cancer. I have sent warm winter clothing and the father travel money so he could start work in India. Street fightings with many deaths in 2009 had bring for a further impoverishment of the people.

I have sent after the floods on the Indus packages with warm children clothing for the winter to Ladakh. A teacher took over the distribution. In the winter time the country has completed more than six months from the outside world. Without electricity, without heat, people can barely leave her bed against the cold.

Children at a school in Nepal
Here You can see more images:   » Nepal and India

Environmental Award
In addition to activities for children in need for conservation teh nature is my heart too. With my project for the protection of wild bees, I applied in 2011 alongside 76 other candidates for the Saxon Environment Award. (Here, after the awards ceremony in the Saxon parliament)

Thank you, Namaste, Dashi Delek, Julay


Please excuse my bad english. I hope you can understand me.

Nature and culture is always open for you.


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