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Care of your Oil painting


Care of your Oil painting

Please note this:
Only dry, not moist storage, no direct sunlight, to cleaning only clean water, no wipes for cleaning.

Cellars, attics and garages are not suitable for a safekeeping of oil paintings. Hang up such a high-quality picture please also not about a heater. Avoid direct solar irradiation on the picture, because, otherwise, the ultraviolet light will cause damages to the colours. Then the colours grow pale in the course of the time.

Cloths, all the same of which kind, are taboo, because fibers can get stuck in the applied oil paints and destroy this the picture. Dust whisks with antistatic effect are suitable Best. Also touching with fingers is not advisable. As it already the name of the pictures says, oil paints are not water-dissolvable. They become by aggressive chemical detergents destroyd what means the following for the cleaning: Cleaning materials, aggressive chemical detergents or some spot removers to the cleaning of dirty places never use. If generally, then a cleaning goes only with water and careful spots.

Oil painting begradigen

Caution against confusion with water color pictures:
You must absolutely keep water from watercolor paintings. The colors and also the watercolor paper are quickly affected by wetness and such an image is spoiled.


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